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Worst in Top 100 24h
$AIB -53.4%
$0.0044 | 0.00000037₿

$AOA -13.6%
$0.0140 | 0.00000119₿

$DX -3.8%
$0.0024 | 0.00000020₿

$SOLO -2.6%
$0.6786 | 0.00005762₿

$BNB -2.5%
$22.7272 | 0.00192977₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$LEND 16.2%
$0.3698 | 0.00003140₿

$RLC 15.9%
$1.3609 | 0.00011555₿

$KAVA 13.5%
$3.4000 | 0.00028869₿

$BAND 13.1%
$8.0744 | 0.00068560₿

$STX 10.7%
$0.2052 | 0.00001743₿

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$NEXO -22.4%
$0.1683 | 0.00001437₿

$AMPL -18.6%
$0.7329 | 0.00006257₿

$TMTG -8.3%
$0.0321 | 0.00000274₿

$DX -6.6%
$0.0024 | 0.00000021₿

$SOLO -5.5%
$0.6564 | 0.00005604₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$AIB 110.0%
$0.0089 | 0.00000076₿

$BAND 35.6%
$7.4176 | 0.00063328₿

$BNT 23.9%
$2.6463 | 0.00022593₿

$KAVA 19.4%
$3.4527 | 0.00029477₿

$ANT 15.2%
$2.9497 | 0.00025183₿

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Top 25 24h BTC & USD Heatmap

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No need to say it. You know what to do.

Worst in Top 100 24h
$NEXO -22.4%
$0.1831 | 0.00001559₿

$TMTG -15.0%
$0.0318 | 0.00000271₿

$HEDG -6.1%
$2.0802 | 0.00017703₿

$THETA -5.2%
$0.3134 | 0.00002667₿

$CEL -4.7%
$0.4028 | 0.00003428₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$BAND 44.0%
$7.1900 | 0.00061188₿

$BNT 23.7%
$2.4471 | 0.00020825₿

$AOA 21.1%
$0.0162 | 0.00000138₿

$ZEC 16.0%
$97.8451 | 0.00832676₿

$CKB 12.7%
$0.0064 | 0.00000055₿

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Don’t be afraid to take profits. You can always buy less at a higher price.

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The decentralized finance we need is exchanges removing the SELL button. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$AOA -6.9%
$0.0131 | 0.00000115₿

$AIB -6.2%
$0.0042 | 0.00000037₿

$SXP -6.0%
$1.8626 | 0.00016307₿

$HEX -5.9%
$0.0041 | 0.00000035₿

$OCEAN -5.8%
$0.2639 | 0.00002311₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$RUNE 27.0%
$0.5926 | 0.00005188₿

$BAND 18.0%
$5.4665 | 0.00047857₿

$BNT 11.5%
$2.1277 | 0.00018627₿

$KNC 11.1%
$1.5651 | 0.00013702₿

$KAVA 11.0%
$2.8978 | 0.00025369₿

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On the options side, ETH Open Interest has 6x'd over the last 3 months, with @DeribitExchange still representing 90% of the global OI after being the first exchange to launch ETH Options, in March 2019.

📈 New ATH in ETH Futures Open Interest...

📉 Our Top 10 Realized Correlation Index 1M just reached an all time low (average pairwise correlation of daily returns between the top 10 crypto market caps on a given day for a given period).

Correlation ⬇️ ---> "Crypto-picking" ⬆️

Track it here:

Binance just launched its ETH Dec20 Futures. For some reason it is trading at a steep discount compared to other venues - even lower than the Sep20 Future.

Options-based probability of ETH > $960 at year-end = 5%


CME is now #3 in terms of largest open interest for #bitcoin futures, only OKEx and BitMEX are ahead

#bitcoin put / call open interest ratio is rallying fast

LMAX Digital all time high volumes yesterday for ETHUSD, watch the institutional money!

Ether futures yesterday, all-time-high volumes on a Sunday!

#bitcoin perpetual swap funding ticking up, this has been historically a good indicator to check positioning

Ether implied volatility relative to #bitcoin is spiking, options traders are bracing for more action around the second largest cryptocurrency

ETH / BTC new high for the year 0.033

Cash and carry with #bitcoin futures now yields 25%. September futures trade at a significant premium to spot, including on CME.

The industry is historically crypto rich and fiat poor, it seems USD are still challenging to source and will likely drive borrowing rates higher.

Short-term correlation between #bitcoin and ether is dropping further.

Is this officially the end of a nearly three years long high correlation regime and the come back of the good days?

Some Sep futures are trading $400 above spot price

Month end: #bitcoin +24% in July, +57% Year-to-date

Gold and S&P500 also had a stellar month!

The spike in #bitcoin implied volatility has been quickly dismissed

Ether futures open interest breaking out

#bitcoin highest quarterly close is Q4 2017 at $13,660. Getting closer!

Watch the LMAX Digital volumes for signs of pick-up in institutional interest for ETH

Not a large amount of liquidations to report on this #bitcoin leg up

It's expiry week, 68k #bitcoin options will drop off tomorrow

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spoke about the #ES #SPX long idea here if you missed it

I think we get yen weakness tonight judging by the yen pairs. Audjpy and usdjpy favourite upside plays. Will see how we close tonight.

Ok ledges, this Sunday will see the start of a free to view weekly live stream covering #Bitcoin

We will look at what BTC has done this week and what the week ahead may bring

This is thanks to the team at @PrimeXBT

Show them some love and sign up here:

Why has no one responded to tell me they faded this call and went short?

You're making me think you chat hindsight shit!

i post 1 btc chart saying big level notifications light up. I post an fx one with clear cut plan and fucks given lol


When you make a great market call, it's barely noticed.

When you make a poor one, you will still be reminded of it years later.

A complete legend! >>> @TheDannyLes

Whats going on in Beirut?????

$AGQ: From $39.21 to now $54.00, Target has done. #Proshares #trust

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