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New Listing on #Okex

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Top 25 24h BTC & USD Heatmap

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Expecting a decent % of CT who went through the 3-year bear market to go through another 3-year bear market after 2021.

Worst in Top 100 24h
$ABBC -16.4%
$0.5096 | 0.00003976₿

$FIL -11.5%
$27.0471 | 0.00211001₿

$TMTG -6.9%
$0.0197 | 0.00000153₿

$SNX -4.6%
$3.5317 | 0.00027552₿

$CRO -4.4%
$0.1016 | 0.00000793₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$RSR 33.0%
$0.0127 | 0.00000099₿

$REN 14.5%
$0.3254 | 0.00002539₿

$LTC 12.9%
$53.0622 | 0.00413952₿

$AMPL 11.4%
$0.9995 | 0.00007797₿

$LINK 9.8%
$10.8334 | 0.00084514₿

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💵💵💵💵💵💵6,000,000,000 $USDT ($6,000,000,000 ) minted at Tether Treasury for #Bitcoin 2020 ATH Research Institute

New Listing on #Kraken

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🚥Ethereum Gas Prices
🛴 Safe Low: 97 Gwei < 30mins
🚗 Normal: 110 GWei <5 min
🏍 Fast: 120 GWei <1 min
🏎 Fastest: 137 GWei 1-2 Blocks

What do you guys think about $MTA ‘s dip?

What’s stopping $ETH from going to $2,843?

Worst in Top 100 24h
$ABBC -10.9%
$0.5435 | 0.00004412₿

$NMR -6.1%
$27.1265 | 0.00220203₿

$XEM -6.0%
$0.1053 | 0.00000855₿

$CRO -4.1%
$0.1049 | 0.00000852₿

$TMTG -2.9%
$0.0204 | 0.00000166₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$HEX 20.1%
$0.0055 | 0.00000044₿

$SEELE 13.7%
$0.0201 | 0.00000163₿

$AMPL 12.6%
$1.0425 | 0.00008463₿

$ERD 10.3%
$0.0074 | 0.00000060₿

$STX 8.0%
$0.1683 | 0.00001366₿

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New Listing on #Binance

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New Listing on #Kucoin

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New Listing on #Huobi

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New Listing on #Huobi

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Top 25 24h BTC & USD Heatmap

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New Listing on #Binance

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I would like to take a moment to remind you

Worst in Top 100 24h
$RSR -14.2%
$0.0095 | 0.00000080₿

$REN -12.4%
$0.2844 | 0.00002385₿

$ANT -10.4%
$2.8919 | 0.00024257₿

$AAVE -10.0%
$32.4317 | 0.00272033₿

$ZEC -9.8%
$57.9101 | 0.00485743₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$SEELE 17.8%
$0.0188 | 0.00000157₿

$HEX 17.1%
$0.0052 | 0.00000043₿

$THX 6.2%
$8.5868 | 0.00072025₿

$NANO 5.5%
$0.8834 | 0.00007410₿

$OKB 4.4%
$4.7484 | 0.00039829₿

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#bitcoin probability > $20k at year-end repricing quickly, now 7%

#bitcoin showing some solid activity following the Paypal news across spot, futures and options. Big sessions!

#bitcoin implied vol catching a big as we approach $13k

Now only 43 days spent above current level of $12750 since #bitcoin's birth 🏔️

Rates going up big, one-month > 15%, three-month > 10%

ETH / BTC dipped on #bitcoin breaking $12k yesterday. Alt season on pause?

Watching that $12k #bitcoin sell wall 📈

Gearing up towards a big expiry next week: roll block size of CME #bitcoin futures with skewTrading!

#bitcoin in focus, volume market share is increasing

CME #bitcoin futures open interest rose sharply yesterday, adding nearly 1,500 contracts on the October expiry

#bitcoin having a small pop on Powell's commenting on benefits of issuing a digital dollar. Trading one-month high.

Did you know the BTCUSD aggregated order book is crossed most of the time?

For instance, here all 15 best bids are above best offer, 15 bitcoins in total.

One-month basis yield has rebounded > 10%

#bitcoin has only spent 93 days, three months, since start above current price of $11.5k

New CME Commitment Of Trader report just came in for BTC Futures:

📉HFs all-time short

📈 Institutions all-time long

❓ Who's wrong?

📅Over the last year, BTC has been almost 50% more volatile on Thursdays than on Saturdays*
🕒 In that period, it moved ~25% more during European hours than during Asian hours.

*(All times UTC)

➡️ More spot & derivs heatmaps available at

BitMEX XBTUSD open interest back to the March lows in $ terms

Strong growth in USDT-margined futures contract this year, now almost on par with BTC-margined contracts on a daily basis

Announcing our Professional Membership Plan for skewAnalytics.

#bitcoin skew - price of puts relative to calls - near six-months low across maturities as market gets ready for volatility on the upside

📊New heatmaps added to the heatmaps dashboard on Average Hourly % Return for BTC and ETH!

➡️ Check it out here:

Welcoming @PhiVor as skew's new Head of Institutional Sales.

Philippe was previously with SocGen for 10 years working on their precious metals derivatives sales desk. One of his job will be to convince gold investors of the merits of embracing #bitcoin!

Solid session to kick off the week yesterday

#bitcoin spot $400mln+ BTCUSD

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WINKG / Bitcoin (WINGBTC) : Advance long Trade

TRB / Bitcoin (TRBBTC): Positional Long Trade

Higher highs and higher lows are bearish, right guys? I forget

Alright guys and gals. Another reminder I'll be going live in about 1 hour to discuss just how incredibly bullish the market is looking and what my long term outlook is for crypto!

only fx trade im in is usdcad long (1.3119)...will cut if it makes a clean break below low of week.

I really think everyone isn't realizing how truly big of a death this PayPal news is. This is a HUGE step for making $BTC exposure accessible to the layman. Most users do NOT need a god damn paper wallet.

There. I said it. Don't @ me

God there are SO many amazing altcoin setups right now

Hey guys! Anyone interested in a stream 🙂

usdcad holding up much better than the other majors. Any pullback in the dollar, i expect usdcad to pop first.

Crypto News: PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network

Was wrong on my $eurusd short idea on a break of monthly open. Its been tightly range bound.

Good morning. FX hasn’t given me many triggers this week but indices have been nice. I don’t trade $DAX often but it’s given nice setups this week.

As this market ratchets up just remember to be smart and think big picture. This shit's gonna rip but don't get greedy and overleverage. Just remember "DGL" -- Don't Get Liquidated.

DGL and we're all gonna make it.

#BTC #USDT #Binance #Futures: From 11726 to 12294 now, near 12300 target. Join for more #Bitcoin swing trade updates.

Crypto Total Market Cap.

Crypto News: Futures Traders Aren’t as Bullish This Time Around as Bitcoin Price Revisits $12,000, Data Indicates

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