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Told you my #Bitcoin bids at $7,700 were going to get filled. Here we go!

New Listing on #Bibox

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New Listing on #Bibox

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New Listing on #Bibox

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$STX -9.1%
$0.5055 | 0.00001331₿

$ZEN -8.5%
$23.9448 | 0.00063059₿

$XVG -8.3%
$0.0125 | 0.00000033₿

$LRC -7.3%
$0.3991 | 0.00001051₿

$ZEC -6.8%
$107.4277 | 0.00282911₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$HEDG 182.9%
$2.2687 | 0.00005975₿

$IOST 70.9%
$0.0244 | 0.00000064₿

$LEND 62.7%
$1.5921 | 0.00004193₿

$ETHOS 29.8%
$1.1828 | 0.00003115₿

$ATOM 21.9%
$7.9392 | 0.00020908₿

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Top 25 24h BTC & USD Heatmap

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I was waiting for a dip and never got it. I know better and will not FOMO into something that is up 500% in 7d.

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$STX -8.6%
$0.5084 | 0.00001299₿

$ZEN -6.5%
$25.0899 | 0.00064089₿

$SNX -6.0%
$14.5998 | 0.00037294₿

$NANO -5.7%
$3.3244 | 0.00008492₿

$XVG -5.1%
$0.0127 | 0.00000032₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$HEDG 260.0%
$1.9877 | 0.00005077₿

$LEND 59.5%
$1.4614 | 0.00003733₿

$ETHOS 47.6%
$1.0295 | 0.00002630₿

$DOT 30.8%
$14.2662 | 0.00036441₿

$ABBC 23.0%
$0.2510 | 0.00000641₿

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New Listing on #Poloniex

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New Listing on #Bittrex

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New Listing on #Bitfinex

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$SOLO -5.4%
$0.9256 | 0.00002423₿

$HEX -2.3%
$0.0102 | 0.00000027₿

$XRP -1.5%
$0.2946 | 0.00000771₿

$OKB -0.6%
$6.3077 | 0.00016512₿

$BTCV -0.1%
$80.7128 | 0.00211281₿

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Best in Top 100 24h
$HEDG 65.9%
$0.7365 | 0.00001928₿

$ETHOS 39.0%
$0.9018 | 0.00002361₿

$ARE 38.1%
$45,078.0008 | 1.18000000₿

$DOT 31.4%
$12.1057 | 0.00031689₿

$IOST 26.4%
$0.0143 | 0.00000037₿

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New Listing on #Huobi

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New Listing on #FTX

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New Listing on #Kucoin

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New Listing on #Kucoin

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New Listing on #Kucoin

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New Listing on #FTX

$BTC-0924 ETH-1231 BTC-1231 ETH-0924
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New Listing on #FTX

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Top 25 24h BTC & USD Heatmap

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Worst in Top 100 24h
$SOLO -2.4%
$0.9521 | 0.00002554₿

$SEELE -1.2%
$0.0104 | 0.00000028₿

$PAX -0.4%
$0.9982 | 0.00002678₿

$USDC -0.3%
$0.9995 | 0.00002681₿

$USDT -0.3%
$0.9995 | 0.00002681₿

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#bitcoin futures open interest quickly bouncing back to a new all-time-high...

The #Bitcoin vacuum cleaner has been plugged back in. $GBTC

Sharp move in options skew, short-dated calls in high demand

#bitcoin rebounding toward $40k on lower volumes

CME #bitcoin options solid day yesterday, Jan21 35k calls traded 1,795 bitcoin options equivalent for ~$3,550. Already above breakeven with bitcoin trading $38.6k.

Ten Days #bitcoin volatility > 100% but lower than in Dec17

Most of the $36k calls got unwound yesterday, no longer the largest pin for Jan expiry

📉📈 The last 3 months have had quite an impact on the volatility term structure of #Bitcoin

Some unwinds on the Jan21 36k calls, open interest decreased by 4k options

#bitcoin spot, futures and options record volume sessions yesterday

Spot volumes growing 10x in last six months

Some additional volatility around the $36k strike

#bitcoin futures basis yields ~20% annualised

Gamma on the Jan21 36k calls is very significant.

For example, if a dealer is long the entire position and hedged 50 delta, he would have to trade daily clips of up to 8k #bitcoin, $300mln, to hedge the delta into the expiry. Assuming price remains around the strike.

#bitcoin options open interest $10bln

#bitcoin futures volumes $100bln yesterday for the first time

#bitcoin > $100k by September = 9% probability according to options prices

#bitcoin implied volatility now > 100% across maturities

#bitcoin market liquidity measured by order book depth remains excellent despite increased volatility and price breakout

ETH / BTC implied vol spread spiking to all-time-high. Alt season?

#bitcoin rallied overnight towards the strike of the Jan21 36k calls. Open 17.7k options or $630mln notional. Watch out!

Grayscale ETHE premium collapsed in the last few weeks, now slightly tighter than GBTC

CME #bitcoin futures volume all-time-high yesterday, $2.7bln crossed

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You always fucking dump it when I am sleeping. It’s like I am the single person propping up the market and I try to have one fucking nap

A lot of people have asked me to do an interview, and so far I have declined every request.

However, if/when I get to 50k followers on Twitter, I will do an interview.

Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to not be shy about my personal story.


We Are Between Second And Third Base

There is no feeling quite like FUCKING PRICE DISCOVERY

Just called the police on someone vandalizing my garden but then remembered I have a gardener. I need to go to sleep

Wow cant believe Binance is giving away a Cyber Truck to every person that market buys on 10 different markets today. Very generous

So crazy that the aliens were waiting for us to discover ChainLink before they categorized humans as an intelligent species. Haha wow

Crazy that Polkadot is going to replace the US Dollar but that is just the way things are I guess

“I will stay awake until the next 4hr closes” he said for the 18th time since he last slept

Shout out to @MarkusWuelbern who has been designing the art for the new Trader Ape line and a new upcoming lineup of Telegram stickers. Fantastic work and I'm grateful to have the best artist in this space working on this.

New merch out:
Trader Ape Embroidered Tee, Embroidered Dad Hat, and Stickers
Plus a new crop tee with the Retrowave art.

I know a lot of people have been asking for these, enjoy.

Also if you need help. Cheers

lmao wtf you can pay 25k to fly to UAE and get the covid vaccine literally now. alright its fuckin party time, i missed you world

"up only" we sang to the heavens

"all bears die" we followed his path

"infinite bid" and we bid infinitely

it was the spring of '21. this is my memoir

ChainLink all time high vs USD in the next 4 hours

A lot of alt USD pairs look amazing. Link, Sushi, Uni etc all look fucking primed. Dot is leading the way.

Could this be it? Full ape season?

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